The Biodegradable Myth

Any products labeled “Biodegradable” are better for the planet and they will break down into non-toxic byproducts within a year. Biodegradable items were adopted by businesses in order to eliminate the wide usage of plastics, which present environmental and health hazards.

The Biodegradable Truth

Biodegradable foodservice and carryout bag items can still legally contain up to 97% plastic and are designed to break down to micro-plastics. These foodservice products defined as “biodegradable” present an even greater danger to the environment than standard, petroleum plastics and Styrofoam(TM) because they break down faster, leaving micro-plastics in the soil and water that cannot be seen or cleaned up.  These micro-plastics can be consumed by all organisms in the ocean and air leaving them feeling full, while they actually starve.

Only products labeled as Certified Compostable are guaranteed to contain no toxic petroleum ingredients. Keep toxic plastics out of the environment by using certified compostable products.