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Bringing to market a fair priced range of compostable & biodegradable takeout containers, plates food service and packaging products for use in companies, schools, cafeterias, and restaurants. We carry sugar cane plates and takeout containers, disposable utensils and cups. Included are PLA cups and containers and bioplastic bags. We are a Honolulu, Hawaii based organization that provides environmentally sound alternatives to Styrofoam.

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•Hawaii Legislation:
     Lawmakers Consider Ban On Styrofoam
•Sustainability Top Priority for 2008
     Proposed Bills and Resolutions
•Styrophobia in the News
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Styrophobia is a Honolulu, Hawaii based organization working to reduce environmental degradation and economic injustice through education, community networks & sustainable products and enterprises. Just as well-placed fear provides us a survival instinct - the fear of plastics in our environment provides us an opportunity to help save our planet, and with it our species. Each time a plastic container is thrown away its lifespan is hundreds of years in our environment, leaching toxins and choking marine life.

Why Styrophobia?
To communicate and educate the public of the personal and environmental health concerns of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and other plastics. Did you know EPS is made from crude oil and can leach toxic chemicals into the food it contains? Where does it go after the trash can or landfill? It takes hundreds of years for one container made of EPS to break down. Learn what happens in the mean time.

Eco Store
Sustainable products, including biodegradables for everyday consumption choices. Non-petroleum based products which reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment. Raising awareness of compostable disposables made from readily renewable resources like sugarcane, corn & potato. We bring to market a fair priced range of biodegradable & compostable takeout containers, plates, food service and packaging products for use in restaurants, schools, companies, and cafeterias. We carry takeout containers, sugar cane plates, disposable cups and utensils including bioplastic bags, PLA cups and containers.

Our Community...
To expand our understanding of the environmental and fair trade issues in our global community. To examine personal values and habits, their impact on the planet and to provide a supportive platform for personal change.

Conscious Living...
Highlighting the environmental and social impacts of our consumer choices on the planet together with recommendations for sustainable alternatives and their availability in our community.