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Bringing to market a fair priced range of compostable & biodegradable takeout containers, plates food service and packaging products for use in companies, schools, cafeterias, and restaurants. We carry sugar cane plates and takeout containers, disposable utensils and cups. Included are PLA cups and containers and bioplastic bags. We are a Honolulu, Hawaii based organization that provides environmentally sound alternatives to Styrofoam.



Just as the Native Hawaiians knew and practiced "aloha 'aina" Love of the land; to nurture and care for the land, the world can learn from them as we collectively face environmental destruction.

Styrophobia.com was a natural merging of concepts fueled by our love of nature, our heightened awareness of our global community and the passion to want to contribute to healing our environment. Excess waste materials negatively impact our environment.   As a vigorous consumer society, we use a multitude of goods which create volumes of packaging waste that pollute beaches, marshes and choke landfills.   There needs to be a better balance of lifestyle and consumption choices and protecting nature.   This is especially evident in our Hawai'i home - an island microcosm - where limited landfill space is beyond full capacity, beaches are polluted with plastics and marine life washes ashore dead, entangled in plastic debris.   Ocean currents float garbage from around the world right to our beautiful doorstep.   We cringe at these sights, thus STYRO- PHOBIA...Just as well-placed fear provides us a survival instinct - the fear of plastics in our environment provides us an opportunity to help save our planet, and with it our species. Each time a plastic container is thrown away its lifespan is hundreds of years in our environment, leaching toxins and choking marine life.  

Our mission is to integrate environmentally friendly alternatives using sustainable resources and eventually grow to finance better biodegradable technology, fair trade and environmental programs.   Our international travels have heightened our awareness and gratitude for the diversity of culture, lifestyle and natural beauty around the world.   Experiencing life in Kenya, Africa, half way across the world from Hawai'i, inspired a deeper kinship.   How do my actions affect my neighbors across the globe?   What is happening to "them" is happening to "us", in that moment the realization we are truly one, we are connected.

Styrophobia is committed to contributing at least 5% of profits to sustainability programs.   We believe contribution needs to be approached mindfully.   It is very important not to impose our ideals onto a culture but instead it is necessary to learn from each culture. With this in mind, we continue to learn how Styrophobia.com can contribute to our neighbors in Hawaii and around the world.   

As global consciousness grows we believe together we can reduce our environmental footprint. Please join us in this effort. Mahalo!


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