World Centric


World Centric is our partner in this drive to inform and protect. World Centric is a Bcorp, they donate at least 25% of profits to like minded organizations and they are carbon neutral. We at Styrophobia could not have imagined a better partner and we are blessed to be able to bring these good people and these great products to Hawaii.

Although many companies offer some kind of “green” line, there is no other like World Centric:

  • We have a full line of products that are all certified compostable, PLA, Fiber, Utensils, hot cups and bowls, paper products and a full line of retail items.
  • All our items are certified compostable (BPI, ASTM, USDA, Cedar Grove, OK compostable)
  • We have scientists working for us, developing the next generation of compostable products so you will always be on top
  • Our products take less energy and water to produce while using non toxic processing and producing fewer carbon emissions
  • We are a B corp, the only one in our industry (some 600 in the US).  This illustrates our dedication and separates us from the others in philosophy and practice.
  • We are Carbon Neutral, we offset our carbon foot print by planting trees
  • We donate 25% of profits to like minded organizations

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